Benchmark Tool and Machine Inc offers many different types of custom steel racks and steel bulk containers and bins to accommodate your packaging needs. Our shipping containers are built to ensure that your parts reach their destination in top condition. We can build new containers to your design, retrofit old containers to new specifications, or assist you in designing new or retrofitted containers.

Bag Racks can be custom built to hold one large super sack to several individual bags to hold delicate, Class A parts. Let our experienced team design a specialty bag rack for your project.

Fixed Arm Racks are used for large, heavy components. They are reusable shipping containers that contain multiple levels. Fixed Arm Racks are typically made to be walk-in style.

Shelf Racks are space saving industrial containers. Our shelf racks consist of multiple levels and feature gas operated shelves. They are made to be extremely operator friendly.

Steel Bulk Containers are available in both rigid and collapsible styles. They are fabricated using high-quality, durable steel and they are powder-coated to our customer’s specifications.